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AutoTraks™ for Dealerships helps you to quickly resolve problem accounts. Combining GPS, Wireless Communications and Internet technologies, AutoTraks gives the Finance provider and Dealership a powerful means to track, locate and retrieve vehicles.

Until now, if a buyer were to default on their contract you were left owing recourse and your finance company was left with a poor realization ratio due to time consuming collections, skip-tracing and repossession costs plus low auction proceeds.

The solution – AutoTraks Dealership Asset Protection System eliminates the expensive gap between missed payment, default and repossession.

AutoTraks enables quick and cost-effective resolution of delinquencies and defaults
  • Strengthen Customer Resolve
  • Emphasize the payment obligation at purchase
  • Dramatically reduce or eliminate first payment defaults
  • Immediately contact an owner at delinquency or default
  • Enhance Personnel Performance
  • Eliminate the cost and time of all but basic skip traces
  • Empower collections with the ability to inhibit or prevent vehicle usage
  • Plan and execute repossessions with precision
  • Motivate collection and repossession personnel with greater opportunity for success
  • Quickly and Economically Target Vehicles
  • Instantly locate a vehicle anywhere within the United States, Canada and Mexico – even if hidden
  • Repossess a customer's vehicle within hours instead of days or never
  • Reactivate lapsed repossession activities and then quickly locate and retrieve vehicles
  • Immediately retrieve stolen vehicles
Additional Market-Specific Asset Protection Benefits

The value that you achieve from AutoTraks™ begins the day that you install the units. You'll find that asset protection is available for a very low cost. The AutoTraks™ unit can be easily self-installed or by a local installer. Contact an On-Board Communications representative in your area, today.

AutoTraks GPS Vehicle Tracking System delivers increased control, customer satisfaction and Return on Investment.
See AutoTraks complete package of Vehicle Monitoring, Tracking and Recovery Reports.
AutoTraks puts you in control of your vehicles When AutoTraks is installed on the vehicle the finance manager can view a buyer's vehicle location at anytime. This means that it's easier to stay in touch with the buyer, resolve skipped installments, head off contract defaults or quickly repossess the vehicle, if needed. This boosts your finance company's confidence, too. They now can accept a lower credit score and give extra consideration to customers who may have impaired credit.

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