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AutoTraks is your personal vehicle monitoring system

Wherever your vehicle goes, your AutoTraks goes, too — ensuring theft protection, family safety, personal convenience, and access to emergency and information services whenever and wherever you go.

Economically take advantage of AutoTraks GPS benefits
  • Use a powerful, effective theft prevention and recovery system
  • Universal GPS coverage thoughout the United States, Canada and Mexico
  • In the event of the theft of your vehicle, simple voice or web-based guidance provides police with exact location of moving, parked or hidden vehicle
  • AutoTraks GPS system enhances rapid recovery within hours, significantly reducing the risk that your car is unrecoverable
  • Quick recovery often minimizes vehicle damage
  • AutoTraks installation may entitle you to a car insurance discount (varies by insurance company and state)
  • Help young drivers behave responsibly Using you computer you can monitor vehicle activity at any tiime of the day or night.
  • Know the exact location of family members should they need assistance
  • Use "Geo-fencing" to set travel boundaries that match the level of young drivers experience
  • Monitor time at locations and speed of vehicle
  • Take the anxiety and stress from your “need to know”

    To learn more about using AutoTraks, see reports an an important benefit of your personal monitoring system.

    The value that you achieve from AutoTraks™ begins the day that you install the unit. All this piece of mind is available for a very low cost — which makes the AutoTraks system a natural choice. You may also qualify for an Insurance discount. The AutoTraks™ unit can be easily self-installed or you can take it to a local installer. Contact an On-Board Communications representative in your area, today.

AutoTraks virtually eliminates stolen or unretrievable vehicles while providing a new level of oversight to monitor the well-being of family members and loved-ones.

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