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AutoTraks virtually eliminates stolen or unretrievable vehicles while providing a new level of oversight to monitor the well-being of family members and loved-ones.

AutoTraks™ Vechical Reports target the critical needs of the vehicle owner through AutoTraks Dashboard: a powerful yet extremely easy-to-use web interface. Vehicle location and status, family member activity, and scheduling are within the scope of your control 24/7 across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

AutoTraks Intelligent GPS Reporting and Features Support the Parent
  • Intelligent GPS Reporting
    • Immediate location and status requests on demand
    • Street-Level Mapping
  • Nationwide Tracking, plus Canada and Mexico
  • User-Customized Geo-Fencing
  • Easy to Use
  • On-Line Tutorial and Help Index
  • E-mail Notification if Geo-Fence violated
  • Wireless Phone Access, with Interactive Voice Response System
  • Remote Control - Use the Web or your phone to:
    • Enable/disable the starter
AutoTraks Utilizes the largest seamless coverage network in North America

You can locate and view any of your vehicles on high quality maps that allow you to zoom in to street level locations. We provide:

  • History tracking to easily identify where your vehicles has have been
  • Exception reports upon vehicle leaving and reentering Geo-Fence area
  • Real-time reports for immediate location and status requests on demand
AutoTraks is your personal vehicle monitoring system

Wherever your vehicle goes, your AutoTraks goes too. They're a perfect match, ensuring theft protection, family safety, personal convenience and access to emergency and information services whenever and wherever you go.

AutoTraks GPS Vehicle Tracking System delivers increased control, customer satisfaction and Return on Investment.

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