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AutoTraks™ Personal Vehicle Monitoring System by On-Board Communications
AutoTraks combines GPS (Global Positioning System), Communications and Internet technologies to give you a powerful, state-of-the-art means to ensure your vehicle's security and achieve safety and convenience for yourself and loved-ones.
AutoTraks incorporates a package of powerful features including:
  • Theft prevention
  • Activity monitoring
  • Access and emergency assistance
With AutoTraks you can stop worrying about your vehicle being stolen, where your teenagers are when they have the car, or where you left it in the parking garage.

Read on to see the benefits gained from AutoTraks Personal Vehicle Monitoring System.
AutoTraks™ Dealership Asset Protection System by On-Board Communications
The AutoTraks Asset Protection System gives Prime Lending, Dealership Financing, Pre-owned Dealership Financing, and Collection Agency managers the power to reduce risk, lower cost and increase the profitability of finance contracts.
AutoTraks features for collection and repossession cost controls include:
  • Greatly reduce collections and skip tracing time to reach the borrower by phone
  • Know the vehicle's location and the borrower's routine
  • Use vehicle's location history to facillitate repossession
With AutoTraks you reduce personnel time and costs, and significantly improve your collection and repossession results.

Read on to see the benefits of AutoTraks Dealership Vehicle Monitoring System.

All you need is an Internet connection and a browser to view and monitor your vehicles' activities. You can locate and view any of your vehicles on high quality maps that allow you to zoom in to street level locations.

AutoTraks GPS Vehicle Tracking System delivers real-world results based on pinpoint accuracy, increased control, performance satisfaction and ROI.

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