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AutoTraks™ Asset Protection helps take the risk out of BHPH Dealership Financing

When the buyer purchases, finances and pays for a vehicle at the same dealership, all of the responsibility falls on the dealership. AutoTraks Asset Protection System's monitoring, tracking, and reporting capabilities take the majority of the risk out of the finance part of your business. With AutoTraks™, you can:
  • help ensure timely payments
  • reduce delinquency and default
  • expedite recovery and resale of your autos
Your buyer knowledge that their vehicle may be out of sight but never out of reach, helps you:
  • Safely provide financing for moderate to high-risk customers
  • Prevent delinquencies and defaults
  • Reinforce the idea that an auto payment obligation takes first priority
  • Take proactive response to delinquencies
  • Quickly locate and implement preventive measures such as strategic use of starter interrupt
  • Reinforce your collection and repossession ability
Protect the value of your finance contract by using AutoTraks Asset Protection System to pinpoint the vehicle's exact location and:
  • Reduce skips
  • Reduce vehicle depreciation
  • Reduce time to resale
  • Reduce associated costs and time for vehicle's recovery/repossession
    • Skip-tracing
    • Collections
    • Repossession
    • Refurbishment
    • Personnel
  • Reduce losses associated with lost contract revenue
  • Reduce or eliminate backlog of repos, skips, unrecoverable contracts and write-offs

The value that you achieve from AutoTraks™ begins the day that you install the units. You'll find that asset protection is available for a very low cost. The AutoTraks™ unit can be easily self-installed or by a local installer. Contact an On-Board Communications representative in your area, today.

AutoTraks GPS Vehicle Tracking System delivers increased control, customer satisfaction and Return on Investment.
Should the contract go into default, AutoTraks simply and quickly expedites the vehicle’s recovery See AutoTraks complete package of Vehicle Monitoring, Tracking and Recovery Reports.

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