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AutoTraks™ for Sub-Prime Financing is a money-saver. AutoTraks takes a straight-and-narrow path to ensure payments, reduce delinquency and default, and expedite vehicle recovery.

Prime Lenders consider Sub-Prime finance contracts as dangerous highways, ones that the sub-prime industry navigates daily. Credit qualifying technologies have become the radar detector that alerts dealers and lenders to potential troubles ahead. Until now, there were no ways to rescue a finance contract in default and survive without major losses.

AutoTraks Asset Protection System is the next best thing to a guarantee

AutoTraks helps you avoid much of the risk associated with customers having impaired credit. Because AutoTraks helps keep customer payments on track and reduces the risk of a credit default or a vehicle becoming an unretrievable asset, you can accept a lower credit score and give extra consideration to these customers.

Raise your application approval rate with your dealerships and your customers
As a marketing tool, you can use AutoTraks to sell and promote credit availability and funding capacity to expand your dealerships' coverage:
  • Provide greater availability of financing
  • Offer dealerships greater credit approval range
  • Serve dealers and customers in high-risk areas
  • Work more easily with marginal credit applicants
  • Reduce dealer recourse obligation in conjunction with installation of an AutoTraks unit
You can also purchase more auto finance contracts because you have gained the advantage of:
  • Lower default rate
  • Less loss on default
  • More finance funds available
  • Lower overall RISK of loss
AutoTraks helps you protect the value of your investment because it can greatly:
  • Decrease first payment defaults
  • Pinpoint exact vehicle location
  • Reduce skips
  • Reduce time for vehicle's recovery or repossession
  • Reduce vehicle depreciation
  • Reduce time to auction and realize greater sales price
  • Reduce cost of recovery/repossession
    • Skip-tracing
    • Collections
    • Repossession
    • Refurbishment
    • Personnel
  • Reduce losses associated with lost finance revenue
  • Reduce or eliminate backlog of repos and skips
  • Reduce or eliminate unrecoverable finance contracts and write-offs
  • Improve Realization Ratio for repossession

The value that you achieve from AutoTraks™ begins the day that you install the units. You'll find that asset protection is available for a very low cost. The AutoTraks™ unit can be easily self-installed or by a local installer. Contact an On-Board Communications representative in your area, today.

AutoTraks GPS Vehicle Tracking System delivers increased control, customer satisfaction and Return on Investment.
Beat the Clock — the longer a finance contract is delinquent or in default, the greater your loss. See AutoTraks complete package of Vehicle Monitoring, Tracking and Recovery Reports.

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