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FleetTraks | Business Vehicle Benefits

FleetTraks for Business delivers an intelligent, easy-to-use web-based solution to increase productivity, improve customer response, and enhance customer relations — for a low monthly fee.

FleetTraks for Business performs for small business and enterprise-level corporations, efficiently scaling from several vehicles in operation to a fleet with several thousand vehicles in service.

Streamline Fleet Management Control, Improve Productivity and Increase Sales
Real-time web access allows you to track, monitor, and schedule by zone, city, or region for individuals or your entire fleet.
  • Validate fleet activity
  • Reduce unnecessay stops and out of route miles
  • View the exact location, direction and speed of your fleet vehicles
  • Manage individual and fleet schedules
  • Gain exemptions for PTO/Idle time (Power Take-off)
  • Save fuel by monitoring speedand idle time
  • Track vehicle maintenance intervals minimizing breakdowns
  • Keep fleet running optimally – lower fuel and operating costs
  • Accurately document driver hours
  • Increase the number of sales and service calls
  • Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use
  • Remotely activate optional starter disable feature for missing vehicles
  • Enable employee use of their own vehical with work-time credits
  • Automate activity reports
  • Allow sales and service personnel to log-on and identify stops and Custom Locations
Stregthen Customer Service
  • Exceed sales and service call goals
  • Ensure on-time performance
  • Establish and maintain sales and service call cycles
  • Validate compliance for service level agreements
  • Reduce Emissions positively impacting environment

The value that you achieve from FleetTraks™ begins the day that you install the units as these testimonials from satisfied customers verify. You may also qualify for Insurance discounts. The FleetTraks™ unit can be easily self-installed or you can take it to a local installer. Contact an On-Board Communications representative in your area, today.

FleetTraks GPS Vehicle Tracking System delivers increased control, customer satisfaction and Return on Investment.
FleetTraks intelligent GPS and activity monitoring produce powerfull productivity reports.
"We now have a concise documented report that ensures us and our customers that we are billing for the correct amount of time at clients location."
— Principal, Consulting practice

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