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FleetTraks | Service Vehicle Benefits

FleetTraks delivers an intelligent, easy-to-use web-based solution to increase productivity, improve customer response, and enhance customer relations - for a low monthly fee.

With real-time information showing the exact location, direction and speed of your vehicles, you have a constant-view to the activities and schedules of individuals and your entire fleet. Additionally, FleetTraks affords immediate access to powerful productivity reports.

Streamline Fleet Management Control, Improve Productivity and Increase Sales
  • Validate fleet activity
  • Reduce unnecessary stops and out-of-route miles
  • Save fuel by monitoring speed and idle time
  • Track vehicle maintenance intervals minimizing breakdowns
  • Keep fleets running optimally – lower fuel and operating costs
  • Gain exemptions for PTO/Idle time (Power Take-off)
  • Boost driver productivity – add billable hours
  • Accurately document driver hours
  • Increase the number of service calls and deliveries
  • Eliminate moonlighting and unauthorized vehicle use
  • Install easily in tamper proof, hidden location
Strengthen Customer Service
  • Set, meet and exceed delivery time goals
  • Ensure on time performance
  • Provide accurate and reliable service

The value that you achieve from FleetTraks™ begins the day that you install the units as these testimonials from satisfied customers verify. You may also qualify for Insurance discounts. The FleetTraks™ unit can be easily self-installed or installed by a technician in your area. Contact an On-Board Communications to find a local representative today.

"Now that we have FleetTraks, there is a whole new attitude with our drivers. The fact that the drivers are back in faster, allows our equipment to be checked, sanitized, and readied for service on a much more regular basis. FleetTraks paid for itself in two months."

— Owner - respiratory therapy company


Easy to Use
  • Installation on any vehicle
  • Intuitive Internet-based host
  • No driver interaction
  • On-Line Tutorial and Help Index
Dashboard Control On-board's exclusive Dashboard application enables managers to view the status of the entire fleet on one screen – in real-time.

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