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FleetTraks | Service Vehicle Reports

FleetTraks Management and Usage Reports Provide Valuable Guidance

FleetTraks™ Service Vehicle Reports target the critical needs of the Fleet Manager through the On-Board Dashboard – a powerful yet extremely easy-to-use web interface. Vehicle location and status, employee activity, scheduling metrics, and customer satisfaction are within the scope of your control 24/7.

Below are selected FleetTrak Reports that support the Fleet Manager:

Intelligent GPS Reporting
  • Scheduled vehicle reporting
  • Exception reporting
  • Flexible reporting time and frequency
  • Start/Stop Reporting
  • Ignition on/off reporting
  • Idle-time reporting
  • Immediate location and status requests
  • Street-level mapping
Powerful Productivity Reports
  • Flexible vehicle, fleet and sub-fleet reports
  • Detailed trip reports
  • Real-time and historical reports
  • User-Customized Geo-Fencing
  • Power Take-Off (PTO) Reporting
  • ServiceTraks™ Reporting Hours-In-Service
    • Establish online maintenance schedules by tracking hours of asset usage
    • Know when maintenance thresholds are met through an alert generation
    • Track hours of vehicle usage to invoice more accurately

OnBoard offers a variety of flexible service plans and features to make FleetTraks™ the perfect fit for your company. The basics include the GPS receiver, wireless communications, antennas and mounting hardware for easy installation. All plans include unlimited use of On-Board’s Internet-based data center for viewing maps and data.

FleetTraks GPS Vehicle Tracking System delivers increased control, customer satisfaction and Return on Investment.
On-Board Communications saved us over $100,000 in one day
— Excavation company, Texas

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