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FleetTraks for Service Vehicles, Trucks, and Business gives the Fleet Manager control, efficiency, and security.

With FleetTraks you have:
  • Superior theft prevention controls and state-of-the-art recovery tools
  • Streamlined Asset Management
  • Latest in proven technologies
    • Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Systems
    • Wireless Communications
    • Internet Monitoring
  • Easy, optimum viewing, tracking, monitoring, and management of fleet vehicles
  • Vehicle location and status
  • Employee activity
  • Scheduling metrics
  • Customer satisfaction within the scope of your control
  • Easy-to-use web interface
With FleetTraks™ for Service Vehicles you can:
• Gain control of your fleet
• Reduce payroll and overtime
• Eliminate excessive vehicle miles
• Increase productivity
• Streamline service and gain satisfied customers

Read on to see the benefits gained from FleetTraks for Service Vehicles.
With FleetTraks™ for Trucks you can:
• Affordably track your local, regional, and long haul vehicles
• Compete effectively for strategic shipper business with any carrier

Read on to see the benefits gained from FleetTraks for Trucks.
With FleetTraks™ for Business you can:
• Raise the productivity of sales and account management staff
• Validate employee activity
• View the time spent at customer sites
• Track mileage, idle time and other usages

Read on to see the benefits gained from FleetTraks for Business.

With FleetTraks, the most important data is filtered into easy-to-use real-time and cumulative reports for employee activity management, preventive maintenance scheduling, fleet equalization, expense management, and billing.

FleetTraks GPS Vehicle Tracking System delivers increased control, customer satisfaction and increased ROI.
Once your fleet is on the road, it’s like a moving target that constantly needs to be in sight. FleetTraks’ solution targets the critical needs of the Fleet Manager through a powerful yet extremely easy-to-use web interface.

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