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FleetTraks delivers an intelligent, easy-to-use web-based solution to increase productivity featuring enhanced in-transit activity control and in-bound and out-bound route management for a low monthly fee.

From any computer with web access you have real time information showing the exact location, direction and speed of your Trucks. FleetTraks generates easy-to-use Management Reports that enable you to streamline fleet control, improve productivity, increase sales, reduce costs and achieve a greater return on your investment.

Streamline Fleet Management Control, Improve Productivity and Increase Sales
  • Validate fleet activity
  • Reduce unnecessay stops and out of route miles
  • Save fuel by monitoring speed and idle time
  • Track vehicle maintenance intervals minimizing breakdowns
  • Keep fleet running optimally – lower fuel and operating costs
  • Gain exemptions for PTO/Idle time (Power Take-off)
  • Accurately predict arrival times – proactively preplan the back haul
  • Reduce deadhead miles
  • Accurately document driver hours
  • Validate detention times with GPS data
  • Boost driver productivity
  • Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use
  • Locate trailer should it become lost
Stregthen Customer Service
  • Set – then meet and exceed delivery time goals
  • Ensure on time performance
  • Provide accurate and reliable service

The value that you achieve from FleetTraks™ begins the day that you install the units as these testimonials from satisfied customers verify. You may also qualify for an Insurance discount. The FleetTraks™ unit can be easily self-installed or installed by a technician in your area. Contact an On-Board Communications to find a local representative today.

FleetTraks allows you to effectively compete for strategic shipper business with carriers that have invested thousands of dollars per vehicle in other tracking systems.
"...with Qualcomm we could not justify the cost of equipping additional trucks with traditional satellite tracking...So to ensure our standard of quality customer service and still watch our bottom line, we have purchased FleetTraks."
— President, Trucking company
Dashboard Control On-board's exclusive Dashboard application enables managers to view the status of the entire fleet on one screen – in real-time.

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