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Benefits that LiftTraks brings to the lease/rental dealer can be realized to maximum revenue on lift truck lease programs

LiftTraks delivers fully accountable lease hours, reduced costs achieved with longer up-time-between-repairs, and greatly reduced or eliminated equipment theft through location limiting, starter interrupt, and location tracking should recovery be necessary.

LiftTraks Dealer Managers can increase ROI through these benefits
  • Equalize Asset Utilization Across the Entire Fleet
  • Evenly allocate lift truck use throughout its life cycle
  • Attain consistent billing for each unit
  • Gain full value from depreciating unit – avoid old, out-of-date, underused units
  • Ensure equal maintenance of all Lift Trucks
  • Maintain warranty compliance on all units
  • Equalize hours and PM across the entire fleet
  • Reduce Costs with Usage-Based Preventive Maintenance
  • Eliminate unnecessary maintenance, replace date-based plans with accurate usage-based maintenance
  • Lessen mechanical breakdowns and lost operating time
  • Save time through automated maintenance schedules
  • Keep lift trucks operating at peek performance
  • Interface to legacy systems via XML
  • Generate Lease Profits through Accurate Invoices
  • Track and bill operating hours exactly
  • Increase Sales and Lease Customers
  • Offer competitive lease plans based on projected usage
  • Promote customer satisfaction derived from LiftTraks
    • Know they are being billed for actual usage
    • Able to project expenses through historic data
    • Can predict service requirements and costs
    • Interfaces into current systems
  • Accurately monitor rental hours for max billing revenue
  • Market LiftTraks as a means to increase up-time on customer’s lift trucks

The value that you achieve from LiftTraks™ begins the day that you install the units as these testimonials from satisfied customers verify. You may also qualify for an Insurance discount. The LiftTraks™ unit can be easily self-installed or you can take it to a local installer. Contact an On-Board Communications representative in your area, today.

Intuitive web-based user interface and email notification – to the desktop or any wireless device give the rental/lease manager a constant-view window on all activities and schedules. LiftTrak's reporting platform is comprised of intelligent and powerful productivity reports.
Superior interior and exterior performance
  • Intelligent network mobility reporting via paging network
  • Excellent in-building penetration
  • Real-time and historic reports
  • Easy to install, easy to use
Optional features
  • GPS tracking for outside equipment
  • Starter interrupt

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