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Affordable, accurate monitoring of lift truck usage for preventive maintenance and invoicing makes LiftTraks indispensible for lease/rental companies and operators
LiftTraks™ for Dealers gives lease/rental managers an easy-to-use web interface and GPS/wireless communications so they can take advantage of benefits that include:
  • Low-cost monitoring system
  • Streamlined management of lift trucks
  • Engine hours tracking
  • Unit usage equalization
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling
  • Verifiable time-based billing to build profits
  • Accurate depreciation of assets
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved business management

Read on to see the benefits gained from LiftTraks for Dealers.
LiftTraks™ for Operators adds a high level of comfort and control to asset ownership. With LiftTraks, you can take advantage of productive features that include:
  • Equipment location
  • Status/engine hours – in-operation or idle
  • Unit usage equalization
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling
  • Monitor and control labor activity
  • Eliminate unnecessary expenses common in date-based plans
  • Accurate usage-based scheduling
  • Ensure the value of your investment

Read on to see the benefits gained from LiftTraks for Operators.

With LiftTraks, the most important lift truck data is filtered into easy-to-use preventive maintenance schedules, supported by email notification and, easy-to-read reports for lift truck fleet equalization, projected expenses, and power-by-the-hour billing. Contact us by email or at 214.346.0300 for more information.

LiftTraks network mobility and GPS Vehicle Tracking System deliver excellent signal communications both for interior building penetration and exterior locations.
Equipment theft is on the rise. Only about 10% of stolen equipment is recovered. The result of this trend can cause higher insurance premiums, higher deductibles, and overall inflated costs for companies with fleets of equipment. LiftTraks empowers companies to quickly and efficiently locate stolen or misplaced equipment within minutes of it being moved.

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