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AutoTraks Dashboard for Dealerships, In-Dealer, Sub-prime, and BHPH

AutoTraksTM is a complete end-to-end Vehicle Tracking and Management Solution. Like the instrumentation on the dashboard in your vehicles, the AutoTraksTM "On-Board Dashboard" provides Finance Managers clear visibility to the critical events that affect productivity, savings, longevity, driver behavior, and profitibility.

AutoTraks Dashboard Reports
View your vehicles on high quality maps that allow you to zoom in to street level locations.

All the crucial information needed to manage your productivity is always right in front of you and updated "as it happens" in the field, enabling you to take corrective action immediately so you can minimize the impact on your operations while maximizing your Return-On-Investment (ROI) potential.

While some pictures may be worth a thousand words, AutoTraksTM Auto Finance Management Solution. is worth thousands of dollars to your bottom-line.

AutoTraks Equals Optimum Control

On-Board Communications exclusive Dashboard application enables managers to view the status of the entire vehicle finance status on one screen – in real-time. Know immediately when a driver makes an unscheduled stop or ends the day early. Also, know how many of your people are at customer sites, the office, or home in real-time.

Measure finance performance against your preset benchmarks, or compare individual performance to the entire inventory. Quickly and effortlessly identify employees that need additional training or are not measuring up to the overall performance metrics.

AutoTraks GPS Vehicle Tracking System delivers increased control, customer satisfaction and Return on Investment.

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