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Thieves beat our security system but they couldn't beat FleetTraks!

Thursday, November 2, was an exciting day for David and Robert Allen, founders and owners of Circle A Electric, Inc. located in Fort Worth, Texas. When workers arrived at the company’s secure facility, they found the gate open and the security system compromised. Employees contacted David who noticed tools, several rolls of wire and a Ford van missing from the lot.

Fortunately, Circle A Electric had FleetTraks, GPS tracking devices by On-Board Communications, installed in their vehicles. Robert logged onto the company’s FleetTraks web page and directed David to the location where the vehicle had stopped at 5:21 AM. David drove to the address which was a local motel. The missing van was sitting in the parking lot. Robert contacted the police who dispatched a special theft task force. David and the task force waited until the alleged thieves exited the motel room.

One person was apprehended immediately, the other tried to run. Both men were captured and now face felony vehicle theft charges.

The depreciated value of the recovered truck and equipment were valued in excess of $20,000.

Detectives noticed the stolen van had made one additional stop before arriving at the hotel. They went to that location and found another stolen vehicle, along with several stolen tools. One FleetTraks unit, two vehicles recovered…..

Not bad for ½ day’s work!

Circle A Electric –
Fort Worth, TX

There is a whole new attitude with our drivers

“We operate a Medical Equipment Company based in Bridgeville PA. We specialize in Respiratory products and service patients in Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas. Our business is all about service. I needed to a system to ensure that we live up to the promises that I make to my referral sources, 100 % of the time. So we choose FleetTraks GPS. Now that we have the system, there is a whole new attitude with our drivers. They are now accountable for their time and get back to the office much faster during the day. The fact that the drivers are back in faster, allows for our equipment to the checked, sanitized, and readied for service on a much more regular basis. FleetTraks paid for itself in two months. There is also a significant advantage in that the system saves the office staff at least five calls per driver per day looking for our drivers before we can commit to time sensitive business. We did have to terminate a driver because of what we found on the system. ”

Bob Scherer, Owner
Choice Respiratory – 3 Units Installed

FleetTraks helped us trim overtime by 75%

“"We operate in rural Texas and have found that we have been able to gain efficiencies on routing and we have seen a decrease in personal use of our vehicles. Our miles are down approximately 1700 miles per driver per month. At $.45 per mile variable operating costs, that's a savings of $765 per driver per month. Because our miles are down, we have been able to trim our overtime by 75%.

We have had some driver turnover since installing the system. The net effect is that our quality of our drivers has improved. An added benefit was that we received an 11% break on our insurance.”

Charles Boyte, Dr. of Operations
Edge Medical Supply – 13 Units Installed

FleetTraks information allows us to negotiate with insurance companies, and major customers.

“The first thing customer service does in the morning is open up the On-Board map. From here, they use On-Board to manage the events of the day. When orders come in, they pinpoint the location of the drivers and assign the closest driver to the need. This has decreased our miles driven. We also use the system to monitor the daily activities of our employees. For example, just recently we found that one driver took an unauthorized trip to his home during the middle of the day. Without On-Board we would not have known.

Having a years worth of On-Board data has also helped us with understanding our costs. This allows us to have the proper information as we negotiate with insurance companies, and major customers.”

Nick Hulsing, Owner
Reliable Medical   16 Units Installed

We are billing for the correct amount of time at clients' locations...

“We needed a solution at Wulf Consulting to track our billable activity at our client's sites. We bring IT management solutions throughout the Pittsburgh market and we are constantly on the move. On-Board Communications, with the help of its Custom Location Activity Report has relieved management of the tedious task of documenting arrival and departure times. We now have a concise documented report that ensures us and our customers that we are billing for the correct amount of time at clients location. The low cost of entry into On-board’s GPS tracking system made this decision a ‘no-brainer&rsquo for us.

We like dealing with local Pittsburgh representation. The fact that Pittsburgh GPS is backed by the strength of On-Board Communications ensured us that we chose the right GPS solution for our needs. ”

Carl Kunzmann, Principal
Wulf Consulting

...with Qualcomm we could not justify the cost of equipping additional trucks with traditional satellite tracking...

“In this competitive market, we have to separate ourselves with excellent customer service. Some time ago, we equipped several of our company trucks with Qualcomm but could not justify the cost of equipping additional trucks with traditional satellite tracking. We still needed a way however to be able to determine the exact position of our other road trucks. So to ensure our standard of quality customer service and still watch our bottom line, we have purchased FleetTraks from Pittsburgh GPS. With this GPS tracking system, we know every 5 minutes where our trucks are. It is certainly priced right and would be a good product for any trucking company that has been unable to afford the cost of satellite tracking for their company trucks or owner operators. Our shop was able to install the first unit in under an hour and FleetTraks started reporting instantly when as our driver left the yard.”

Rick Macklin, President
Beemac Trucking
Ambridge, PA

…use the On-Board map to call the correct truck for new deliveries…

“Our fuel went from $9,500 to $8,200 per month. That's a savings of $144 per truck per month in fuel alone. Our customer service representatives (CSR's) use the On-Board map to call the correct truck for new deliveries that occur during the day. By finding the right truck rather that the first driver to answer the phone, we are saving miles.

Prior to On-Board, it took 30 minutes to find a truck and hear all the reasons why the driver could not make the delivery. We can now see the each driver's actual progress and select the correct truck for the event in just 5 minutes. With the trucks are running more efficiently, we've been able to reassign ½ a driver position to warehouse duties.

Every company is different and every company has different needs. The one thing that is for certain is that On-Board works for me.”

Dennis Bartos, President
South Texas Medical Supply – 9 Units Installed

Our Backhoe is back home - Thanks to On-board Communications!

“When our rental customer arrived at their job site Friday morning, September 8th they found that the backhoe they had rented from our Pharr office was gone. Although we could have logged on to the On-Board equipment tracking web site, we opted to contact On-Board directly. On-Board sprung to action and located the unit on a ranch about ten miles from the construction site. On-Board faxed several maps indicating the route of the backhoe and the location where it could be recovered. Our rental customer contacted the police who, within two hours, recovered the backhoe from the ranch.

Had we not invested in On-Board AssetTraks™ technology, the backhoe would have been lost, costing our rental customer over $32,000 plus the hassle of filing multiple insurance claims forms. On-Board helped us locate the unit and saved our customer thousands of dollars.”

Mike Gonzales – Rental Manager
Briggs Equipment of Pharr, TX

LoJack couldn't find my stolen Bobcat, On-board did!

“Thanksgiving weekend someone stole one of my 12 Bobcats. We immediately contacted LoJack. They were unable to find my unit. We called On-Board Communications, whose units were installed for tracking engine hours, and they went to work. Within minutes they had located our unit and the police were dispatched. The unit was located in Leon Valley, a suburb of San Antonio. The Leon Valley police department was not equipped with the LoJack equipment necessary to find my stolen Bobcat unit.”

“Thank-you On-Board Communications!”

Jack Vernon – President and Owner
Vernco Construction, Inc.
San Antonio, TX

FleetTraks GPS Vehicle Tracking System delivers increased control, customer satisfaction and ROI through pinpoint accuracy based on real-wolrd results.
On-Board Communications saved us over $100,000 in one day — Cycling Quotation Inlcude - new upon entering page.
— Cowboy Excavation,
Anna, Texas

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